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Lynda – Balancing Work and Life

Balancing Work and Life

Learn how to have it all and enjoy it all by balancing your life and work. In this talk, author and business coach Dave Crenshaw explores smart strategies to make work a focus at work and give yourself time to enjoy your time at home. In the bonus Q&A chapter, he tackles tough questions like these: What are the warning signs that my life is out of balance? How do I keep balance when I travel so frequently? How do I balance work, life, and school?

Achieving work-life balance can be tough for many people. As a husband and a father of three, I know how challenging this can be, but as a business author and a business coach I’ve helped many people achieve proper work-life balance. In this video course I’m going to share with you the best practices that we’ve discovered through the years to achieve that kind of balance. As I’m going through the videos, ask yourself the question: How does this apply to me? Occasionally you’ll see a video topic and you’ll think, “That doesn’t apply to me”.

But focus on the principles instead and you’ll find ways that you can take action. Now, let’s get started.

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